Libraries are a fundamental part of our communities. They continue to grow, change, and serve in the 21st century. Today's library users understand that the institution is more than just a building and books, and that learning and access are still the cornerstone of modern libraries. Depending on where you live, your library may be funded directly by voters or by your town/city/county government. But regardless of where you live, the vast majority of your library's funding comes from your neighborhood.

A large majority of Americans see libraries as important in their communities. But if they are not currently a library user, they are largely nostalgic about what happens in libraries. It's up to us to update that nostalgia and demonstrate that well-funded libraries impact education, local business development, community identity, and personal discovery in new ways. Libraries are progressive institutions because they are funded by taxes for the common good. They are uniquely conservation institutions because they are cultural heritage institutions that preserve and curate our community identity. Since the beginning of our country, libraries are an integral part in the life of towns and cities. With your support, will continue to do so.

Proceeds from this campaign support EveryLibrary, the first and only national organization dedicated exclusively to political action at a local level to create, renew, and protect public funding for libraries of all types. 

Your Design Should:

  • Prominently say "Vote Libraries" and represent one of the themes below
  • Be simple, illustrative and forward-thinking
  • Be a square 22" by 22" RGB image at a resolution of 300dpi (6600 by 6600 pixels) that is a JPG or PNG
  • Use up to 3 colors
  • Be full bleed (no margins or borders)
  • Keep a safe area of at least 1" on all sides (do not place text too close to the edge)
  • Optional: Include an apparel file that is layered or includes a transparent background (AI, PSD, PNG, TIFF) (Be sure to outline any fonts used)

Your Poster Shouldn’t:

  • Include urls or logos (small artist signatures are fine)
  • Use copyrighted images or images that don't belong to you. All images you use should be your own, or available under a creative commons or other similar license.
Your contribution to Vote Libraries should be a call-to-action about the future of this most basic public institution, highlighting one of the following themes:
  1. Education
    1. Story time is early childhood literacy.
    2. Summer reading helps keep kids at grade level, after school time extends the curriculum.
    3. Adult Literacy programs and language development.
  2. Maker Spaces
    1. 3D Printing, creating, and making.
  3. Business Development
    1. Information and Programs for entrepreneurs and small businesses.
    2. Jobs skills training.
  4. Access
    1. Access to tech fuels economic development and connects people to idea, to families and each other.
    2. Access to ideas and information is a basic need for our democracy.
We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.