Creative Action Network is a marketplace for social impact design work covering a range of progressive issues. We believe that art has the power to create real social change and, to that end, invite you to submit designs for the causes that are most important to you. You are welcome to submit as many designs as you like as long as each design is a distinctly different concept (as opposed to multiple variations of the same idea). All designs that meet the requirements listed below will be published as prints and select designs will be made into apparel and other home goods (this requires a layered/transparent file, see below). You will receive 10% of all sales revenue, 40% of all licensing publishing royalties, and 1% will be donated to our non-profit cause partners. Be sure to check out our artist terms and conditions for more information.

If you're looking for the creative briefs for our previous campaigns, you can find them all here.

Your Design Should:

  • Be in support of a single topic (see the list of topics below).
  • Follow the spirit of “celebrating what you want to see more of.”
  • Be a vertically oriented, 12" by 16" RGB image at a resolution of 300dpi (3600 by 4800 pixels) that is a JPG or PNG
  • Keep a safe area of at least 1" on all sides (don’t place text too close to the edge)
  • Include an apparel file that is layered or includes a transparent background (AI, PSD, PNG, TIFF)

Your Design Should Not:

  • Be mean-spirited or divisive
  • Include logos or urls (small artist signatures are fine)
  • Use copyrighted images or images that don't belong to you. All images you use should be your own, or available under a creative commons or other similar license.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.